Culture & Leisure

◾Cultural Centre : www.c’

◾Daily-Bul & C o centre:

◾Centre for etchings and prints:

◾Château de Seneffe :

◾Bois-du-Luc Eco-museum:

◾Lanchelevici museum:

◾Mariemont Royal Museum :


Everything for water sports, relaxation and much more:

  • Le Point d’Eau (water sports centre):
    • Olympic swimming pool
    • Wave pool
    • 200m of slides
    • Jacuzzi, Sauna, Hammam 
    • Spraypark : since july 2018
    • Unique in Belgium: an artificial wave to learn surfing
  • Maison du Sport (House of sports) :


◾La Louvière Carnival:

◾Laetare :

◾The Canal du Centre and its boat lift:

◾Tourists centre for the canals and castles: